Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make an appointment?
Use the “Book Now” link on the web site. Alternatively, you can request an appointment via the “Contact Us” link on the website, by email or by phone.

How long will my appointment be?
Appointments are 30 minutes long unless otherwise advised. Initial post op appointments may be up to 1 hr. There is a registration form and possible additional paperwork to be completed on your first visit so please arrive 10 minutes earlier to give yourself time to complete this.

We endeavour to run to time however we do offer an acute splinting service for trauma clients, this may on occasion influence our schedule and cause us to run late. We apologise for any delays or inconvenience this may cause.

What do I need to bring to the appointment?
It is helpful if you can bring with you any of the following that are relevant to your case

  • X-rays and or reports
  • Any other investigation results (MRI, US)
  • ACC details if already completed
  • Work insurer details
  • Hospital discharge papers
  • Operation details
  • Referral form from GP, A&E, hospital, surgeon, Physio etc

Is there any charge for treatment?
ACC hand contract treatments are currently fully funded by ACC and have no co-payments.
ACC physio contract treatments do have a $35 co-payment per visit.
Private treatments charges are $70 per 30 minute visit.
Consumables such as tapes, lotions, exercise equipment etc are available for purchase.

How can I pay for any charges?
Payment in full at time of treatment or purchase is appreciated. We accept payment by cash, cheque, Eftpos and credit card. Internet banking details can be provided if required. Please feel free to talk to reception or your therapist if you wish to pay for treatments in installments or by other special arrangement and this can be organized. Outstanding accounts are sent out monthly.

What if I need to cancel or miss my appointment?
Hands On Rehabilitation has a 24 hr cancellation policy. Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. Late cancellations (less than 24hr notice) may incur a fee for non attendance. Clients arriving late, but within their appointment time allocation, may receive a shorter consultation in order to avoid inconveniencing other booked clients. Repeated non attendance will result in your referrer and funder being notified and further appointments withdrawn.

How long has Hands On Rehabilitation been around?
Hands On Rehabilitation was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to providing professional excellence in hand therapy in a warm and caring environment. We now have clinics in Akoranga, Albany and Hibiscus Coast and Westgate.

We aim to enable early access to hand therapy services so clients receive the optimal outcome, maximising functional return to work and sport.

What happens at the first appointment?
The initial consultation involves the therapist taking a comprehensive history of the problem and performing a thorough physical examination of the injured area. This is followed by education and advice as to the probable diagnosis, likely healing time frames and a specific individual treatment, splinting and rehabilitation plan to achieve your required goals.

Hand Therapy consultations traditionally take place in an open plan treatment space, private treatment rooms are available if specifically requested. Any charges for treatment, custom made splints or pre-formed orthotics will be discussed at time of consultation.

Do I need to be referred or see the Dr first?
No, we can see self referred clients directlty, just contact us for an appointment. We can refer you for x-rays, specialist opinion or to your GP if requiring further input.

Can I complete an ACC claim with you?
Yes, if your injury is the result of an accident then the appropriate ACC paperwork can be completed and submitted to ACC for consideration, at your first appointment. You will then be notified by ACC if the claim has been accepted. If it is a gradual process work related injury claim you will need to see your GP first to lodge the claim.

Is there parking on site?
All clinics have some client car parking spaces and designated disability car parking spaces near the buildings. The buildings have multiple tenants so at times these car parking spaces can be full so please allow a little extra time.

Our Albany clinic has additional parking at the rear of the building. Our Akoranga Drive clinic in Northcote has designated blue reserved parking at the front of the building.

Our Hibiscus Coast at the Red Beach Shopping Centre, Westgate clinic at the Westgate Shopping Centre and the Manukau Clinic at the Cavendish Drive Specialist Centre is available in the Centre carparks.

Our Drury Clinic has designated car parks at the front of the unit.

What do I do if I have any issues or concerns about my treatment?
The directors and team at Hands On Rehabilitation appreciate your feedback and wish to hear any concerns or suggestions, you have, in order for us to develop our service.

Please feel free to provide comments via your therapist, the suggestion boxes in each reception area or email to either Tania or Kelly.