Alison Coyle

Hibiscus Coast Team Leader & Educator

Occupational Therapist and Registered Hand Therapist

BSc (Occupational Therapy), PGD (Acupuncture), MHPrac.

Alison, a South-African trained Occupational Therapist, is the manager of our Hibiscus Coast clinic. Her hand therapy knowledge and expertise are diverse and comprehensive, particularly in (but in no way limited to!) the areas of splinting and paediatrics.  Alison joined Hands On in 2004 as one of its founding therapists, following considerable international experience, as well as a role leading Middlemore’s Burns, Plastics and Hand Therapy team. She continues to manage the training and development of new staff who benefit from her ability to impart great wisdom in such a reassuring and logical manner! She also co-ordinates the continuing professional development of the Hands On team.

Outside of Hands On, Alison has maintained a strong presence within HTNZ; teaching on AUT therapy programmes and leading splinting courses around the country.